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Incomparable private liveaboard yacht charters diving and exploring the islands from Komodo to Raja Ampat and beyond

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Indonesian Superyachts

When under sail, our distinctly Indonesian yachts recall the pioneering spirit of discovering new lands.

A charter in Indonesia will likely capture your imagination and forever change your perspective on the meaning of travel itself.

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Unforgettable Experiences

There is no substitute for the feeling of freedom sailing in untouched wilderness aboard the world’s finest wooden yachts. 

For families and groups seeking adventures beyond the reach of traditional travel, these are the ultimate vacations. 

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Incomparable Hospitality

The crews onboard make the difference between a satisfactory charter and falling in love with sailing in Indonesia.

The warmth and authenticity of Indonesian hospitality create a feeling onboard unlike anywhere else in the world. 


Experience why Indo Yachts is the preferred yacht charter broker in Indonesia

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