Broker Services

Indonesia’s Yacht Charter Brokers

Regional Expertise


We work with only the very best yachts, crews and operators in Indonesia. Specializing on a select fleet allows us to offer added benefits, protection and personal attention for our clients.

We are your representative and exist to represent your best interests through all stages of your yacht charter experience.













Standardized, Transparent Terms


The yachts we work with include our booking services as part of your charter at no additional cost to you. In this relationship, you are the client.

– Charter rates are set by the yacht
– Booking fees are paid by the yacht
– Each booking agent offers the same rate for the same yacht
– Each yacht pays the same fee to each booking agent

Indo Yachts is the preferred yacht charter brokerage in Indonesia


Intricate knowledge of yachts, crews and familiarity with the destinations we have experienced ourselves.

We are focused on the elite tier of yachts, crews and their capabilities from Bali to Papua.


Your personal concierge from the research stage through the charter itself. 

We offer unique insights and impartial research coupled with a local presence to grant you access to the best of Indonesian yachting.


As an independent adventure yacht charter brokerage we are not a yacht management or sales organization. You are the client, not the yacht.

We exist to provide unbiased advisory services and safeguard your interests.


We are tireless researchers and maritime adventurers, on a never-ending quest for knowledge and experiences.

The attention to detail shows through in custom itineraries and expert advice that makes the difference.







Additional Services


We are your advisor, representative and extra layer of protection offering:

– Contract administration
– Advisory services
– Travel support and on shore services
– Optional supplementary insurance coverage

Specializing in a specific region with a small, elite fleet allows us to focus on the details to provide unparalleled service for our clients.

Corporate Advisory Services


We match adventurers with the most incredible vacations on Earth. We can design bespoke programs to meet your company’s boating needs with travel departments, procurement teams and event management companies.

Our business is connecting you with the yachts that have captured our own hearts and imaginations. Let us guide you from that first spark of inspiration to discovering a wild and exciting archipelago.








A Note on Discretion

Your privacy is our prerogative







Remoteness Offers Intrinsic Solitude


The yachts we work with coupled with the remote destinations they can access are sanctuaries far away from the developed world. Visiting a traditional island village, meeting friendly local people then watching the sun go down, it’s easy to forget the world and enjoy the moment.

If you would like to learn more about the lengths we are able to take for your privacy and security to ensure an uninterrupted charter experience, please contact us.