Duration: 7N / 8D

Route Estimation: 259 Nm (480 km)

Departs and Disembarks: Sorong, West Papua

Dunia Baru Introduction


Built from ironwood and teak, Dunia Baru’s styling follows the traditional lines of an Indonesian phinisi. She is outfitted with technologies befitting a modern superyacht, for the highest standards of onboard amenities and safety. Her spacious areas for entertaining and immaculate year round upkeep ensure she offers accommodations to rival even the best resorts on land.

This combination of mobility and comfort enables Dunia Baru to provide unsurpassed levels of hospitality in the most remote regions for families to enjoy Indonesia’s most far flung islands with ease. For anyone who loves the charm and character of wooden yachts, Dunia Baru will simply take your breath away.













Raja Ampat Itinerary Summary


The following Dunia Baru itinerary has been planned in order to provide an eight-day showcase of northern and central Raja Ampat’s most iconic attractions for non-divers. From mind-blowing snorkeling at Arborek to photo opportunities of Wayag’s and Penemu’s signature karst pinnacles in emerald green waters, each stop on this itinerary is sure to impress even the most seasoned world travelers.

The itinerary includes time for just relaxing and partaking in activities according to one’s mood rather than a tightly packed schedule. The three days at Wayag are simply for reveling in some of Raja Ampat’s most pristine and secluded waters. To fit in the highlights of northern and central Raja Ampat in just one week, this itinerary includes an above average amount of cruising and some night crossings. Please note that each private charter itinerary is custom tailored to client preferences and if desired, scuba diving can be included with the onboard PADI Instructor.

Charter clients are welcome to use this as a springboard for future discussions to start planning the ideal charter according to their individual tastes. Dunia Baru is the premier yacht for exploring one of the most pristine and flourishing ecosystems in the world, both above and below the water.



Activities: Exploring Raja Ampat’s Landscapes and Snorkeling

Day 1: Sorong


Upon arrival at Sorong airport, a representative of Dunia Baru’s Crew will meet guests, assist with all baggage, and provide transport directly to the boat. Once on board, guests will be welcomed with a beverage and safety briefing as Dunia Baru gets underway to Arborek, a 5.5hrs cruise away.

Once in Arborek waters in the afternoon, guests can take their first dip to snorkel in the spectacular, shallow Yenbuba jetty, the culmination of Raja Ampat sites, covered in an enormous arrange of healthy and colorful coral species, and completely shrouded in fish. Scores of tightly packed anchovies weave over the coral slope, and schools of drummer and sweetlips can be seen hovering in the shallows – a perfect snorkel for all experience levels.

If the timing and sea conditions are right, it is possible that prior to Yenbuba jetty we will stop at Manta Sandy – a cleaning station for manta rays. When present, these beautiful creatures can be well viewed while snorkeling on the surface.

Following the snorkeling excursions, a relaxed afternoon will continue with a stroll around Arborek Island, exploring the small settlement there. The village on Arborek has long enjoyed a sterling reputation due to the locals’ devotion to the conservation of local reefs and Manta Ray populations. The villagers offer exquisitely made handicrafts from pandanus leaves, and are extraordinarily friendly and welcoming to guests who wish to explore their island.

Overnight, Dunia Baru will cruise 7.5 hours toward Wayag.













Days 2 – 4: Wayag


On the second morning, you will wake up to Dunia Baru cruising into the interminable green island maze that comprises the most visually stunning scene in Raja Ampat. Wayag offers spectacular snorkeling, water sports and beach time. Climb the renowned island peak behind the anchorage for a full panoramic view of the azure waterways through the rock formations, and finish the hike with a swim on the white sand beach below.

The calm waters of the bay offer a perfect setting for water sports of all sorts. Following three days of enjoyment within this picturesque paradise, Dunia Baru will continue overnight to Penemu, Wayag’s little sister 7 hours away.


Day 5: Penemu


The Penemu islands are a breathtaking cluster of rocky, limestone domes, adorned with throngs of remarkably lush green vegetation, colloquially referred to as Mini-Wayag. The islets encircle a shallow green bay perfect for kayaks and paddle boards, and a wooden staircase consisting of 316 steps along the islet hills leads to a lookout that offers spectacular views of the bay, its outlying islands, and the wide ocean beyond.

From this serene enclosure, we will take the small boats out to two of the most celebrated dive and snorkel sites in all of Raja Ampat. Batu Rufus is an exceptional site for both divers and snorkelers, offering an extremely impressive array of hard corals gardens. Black tip reef sharks are frequently encountered patrolling these reefs, as well as schools of blue chromis, bump head parrotfish, trivially, and occasionally green sea turtles.

For divers, Melissa’s Garden is a stunning coral garden dive, extending from the slopes of a small group of rocky islets. Small schools of colorful reef fish weave in and out of vast stretches of brilliantly colored and ornate corals. The site is also an excellent place to encounter pygmy seahorse, and is equally impressive in the shallows and at lower depths.

Overnight, Dunia Baru will cruise 6.5 hrs to Kabui Bay.













Day 6 – 7: Kabui Bay


The remainder of this voyage brings guests to the entrance of one of the most unique features of the Raja Ampat region. Kabui Bay marks the beginning of The Passage, home to the Mushroom Islands, a statuesque collection of rocky tiers densely arrayed in the northwest corner of the bay. Within The Passage, guest are afforded the chance to take a small boat tour of Hidden Bay nearby, a remarkable enclosed bay of a thousand rock islands scattered in a shallow, white sand lagoon.

The Passage also contains a few underwater caves that can be accessed via a surface snorkel. The walls outside of the caves are covered in beautiful soft corals in shallow water, ideal for underwater photography enthusiasts.

Just outside of The Passage in the Dampier Straight is home to one of the most remarkable species of bird – the Red Bird of Paradise. The territory of the bird can be visited by small boat, followed by a jungle trek early in the morning or in the evening. Visitors can observe a number of the birds displaying their extraordinary feathers in the treetops, and singing their raucous calls.

Finally, enjoy one last beach BBQ and bask in the serenity of this far-away land. Overnight, Dunia Baru will cruise 6 hours back to Sorong.

Day 8: Sorong


We will arrive in Sorong harbor in the morning, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and prepare for final departure with farewells and final departure around noon. Dunia Baru’s crew will assist with luggage and organize transportation to the airport.








Inclusions & Exclusions



All onboard meals and refreshments excluding alcohol, unlimited activities including diving, snorkeling, use of sea kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, Sunfish sailing dinghy, water skis, jet skis and fishing gear (where permissible by local regulations).

A total of 50 nautical miles per charter day is included in the price of the cruise itinerary. Without additional cost, nautical miles can be accumulated as long as they don’t exceed the total of 50 Nm multiplied by the number of charter days.


Crew gratuity, airfare, visas, alcoholic beverages, dive certification courses, medical care, insurance and telecommunication costs for satellite phone.

Repositioning fees may apply according to seasons and charter destinations.









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