Special Offers

Special Offers

The latest special offers on yacht charters in Indonesia

Working Together

Due to the global pandemic, nearly all yacht charters from March onwards have been postponed. Many yachts have been using the extra time to focus on maintenance, and ensuring the vessels will be in tip-top shape for when we can welcome guests again.

We realize that around the world people have had to put travel plans on hold and the future, in general, is uncertain. Despite the challenges we are all facing, we also understand the desire to travel is perhaps stronger than ever.

In response to these unprecedented circumstances, we have developed a combination of flexible terms and special offers.

The Good News

On a positive note, many of the remote regions we cruise have been largely insulated from the virus. Likewise, the yachts present a relatively safe option for social distancing while on holiday. 

As we await a return to normalcy, we will be able to offer special offers on a case-by-case basis for a limited time.

In every instance, we will work to create the best value and quality charter experience for when we are all able to get back to doing what we love most. 

For a quick response, please contact: info@indoyachts.com

Special Offer Terms and Conditions Include:

-Free nights

-Refundable deposits

-Extra complimentary inclusions


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