Luxury Yachts

Indonesia’s Finest Luxury Charter Yachts

Impeccable Style

Luxury yachts are perfect for romantic getaways, family celebrations and unforgettable gatherings with friends. Each custom yacht has its own particular character, and each one is beautifully designed for comfortable voyages at sea.

From immaculately decorated suites where sunlight filters through the portholes and highlights antique carvings, and comfortable lounges with well-stocked libraries and state-of-the-art entertainment systems, to al fresco dining areas and vibrant bars that become the heart and soul of a charter, every detail has been designed to exceed expectations. Comfort, privacy, safety, adventure – these qualities form the very core of the luxury yachts to ensure extraordinary vacations.

Choosing Your Luxury Yacht

Luxury yachts offer supreme levels of comfort, but what really sets them apart from the liveaboard yachts is the level of service that their crews provide. Gourmet meals and snacks are carefully crafted; cruise directors plan unforgettable activities and adventures; housekeeping staff ensure that the yacht is always in impeccable condition and the hospitality crew is always on hand with an ice-cold drink or a snack whenever you desire.

Alila Purnama
46m   |   5 CABINS  |   16 CREW
From $12,500 / night*
Ocean Pure
40m   |   5 CABINS  |   12 CREW
From $7,500 / night*
31m   |   5 CABINS  |   10 CREW
From $8,500 / night*
30m   |   3 CABINS  |   8 CREW
From $7,500 / night*
31m   |   1 CABIN  |   7 CREW
From $4,345 / night*
39m   |   4 CABINS  |   10 CREW
From $5,200 / night*
32m   |   3 CABINS  |   10 CREW
From $7,250 / night*
30m   |   4 CABINS  |   4 CREW
From $3,850 / night*

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