Optimal Season: May – October

Ancient Rainforests

Journey up steamy riverbanks flanking the world’s oldest rainforests where orangutans, pygmy elephants and clouded leopards set the stage for a uniquely Indonesian adventure.

With a yacht as a launching pad for day trips into the jungle, experience the best of both worlds. There is no better way of exploring remote wilderness than from the supreme comfort of a superyacht.

Orangutan Conservation

The colossal island of Borneo is bigger than France, however deforestation threatens the endemic orangutan and other species in their disappearing natural habitats.

Sharing 97% of our DNA, the noble and endearing primates live in ancient rainforests dominated by towering trees and rich biodiversity. Now is the best time to contribute to conservation efforts to save our near relatives from extinction.

Exploring the Sangalaki Archipelago

Entirely different from the rest of Kalimantan, nearby tropical islands offer a host of activities from exploring pristine beaches to discovering a thriving marine ecosystem below the surface.

Hosting a combination of reef and pelagic species, expect cuttlefish, cephalopods, pygmy seahorses, ranging up to sharks, giant manta rays and sea turtles. Discover new sites in this largely ignored region due to its geographical isolation.

Sangalaki Beaches

The archipelago is remote enough to be off the radar of tourism and as such remains untouched and secluded. Derawan Island and the Maratua Atoll offer a slice of tropical refuge after exploring the depths of the jungles.

Indulge in powder-fine beaches, lush interiors and mysterious lagoons with stingless jellyfish. Explore this hidden paradise while it still remains remote and inaccessible.

Balikpapan and Berau, Gateways to East Kalimantan

Balikpapan offers the bustle of an eastern port town augmented by the long-term influences of a booming oil industry and western businesses. With high-end hotels and a vibrant shopping area, it is an unexpected gem in southeast Kalimantan.

Berau is the gateway to the so far diamond in the rough that is the Sangalaki Archieplago, offering pristine, sun-bleached sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters for snorkeling and diving delights. With an international terminal and planned flights from nearby ASEAN states, it may not be long before Sangalaki gets on the radar as a new and unexplored tourist spot.

Yacht Charters in Kalimantan

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