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Seclusion in South East Sulawesi

Journey to Wakatobi, Indonesia’s third largest national park, where a rainbow of colors illuminate stunning underwater landscapes. With 900,000 hectares of pristine nature surrounding the only resort in the area, guests are ensured privacy in a uniquely remote setting accessible by private airstrip.

Enjoy diving and snorkeling off thriving coral reefs famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau described as an “underwater nirvana”. With no one else around for miles, go kayaking, paddle boarding or kiteboarding in a playground of protected wilderness rich with biodiversity.

Sustainable Oceanfront Tranquility

Wakatobi Dive Resort, in the center of the national park, has a long-standing commitment to local conservation, ensuring the area stays exactly as nature intended. Escape the crowds to stay in a breathtaking private villa perched upon the ocean with uninterrupted views of the Banda Sea.

Resort guests are ideally positioned to take advantage Wakatobi’s natural treasures below and above the sea. Surrounded by untouched dive sites awaiting discovery, with the amenities of a world-class land-based resort on the ocean’s doorstep, Wakatobi offers the best of both worlds while simultaneously supporting long-term sustainability.

Professional Dive Services

Wakatobi is home to a variety of macro and wide angle subjects including nearly 400 species of coral, nudibranchs, sea turtles, dolphins and whales, making it the ideal destination for underwater photography enthusiasts.

For guests who wish to document their underwater adventures, the resort will provide assistance and even professional photography equipment. Wakatobi’s professional dive staff, with an average of 3,000 dives each, are the ideal companions for photographing one of the most ecologically diverse regions in the world.

For private diving experiences, partner with an experienced staff member for one-on-one guidance. For locating particular creatures, Wakatobi’s guides are unparalleled in their knowledge of the dozens of dive sites within a short tender ride of the resort.

For advanced divers, Wakatobi offers cave diving led by experts to Tanjung Batutoro, as well as technical diving through Advanced Nitrox diving packages. For muck diving, sites such as Cheeky Beach and Asphalt Pier ensure the strangest of critters.

A Special Place Between
the Sky and Sea

Stay at the edge of lands barely touched by civilization in one of the largest protected marine reserves on earth. Enjoy private access to the sea for a sunset swim, or use the resort as a stepping stone for exploring the region’s indigenous cultures and wildlife.

From the supreme comfort of Wakatobi Dive Resort’s private villas, take advantage of activities such as village tours, cooking workshops, and nature walks. On excursions to the more remote islands, chance encounters are possible with the Bajo, a seafaring, nomadic tribe.

A Yacht Exclusively for Cruising Wakatobi

Discover Pelagian, Wakatobi Dive Resort’s private liveaboard yacht. Enjoy the amenities of Wakatobi’s resort villas combined with the unique experience of staying on the impeccably refurbished 36-meter classic yacht.

Pelagian accommodates up to ten guests, ensuring a private adventure into the Wakatobi archipelago, including the southern beaches of Buton Island.

Accessible By Private Plane

Reaching Wakatobi used to take close to 24-hours from Bali via commercial plane and an 18-hour boat trip. The remoteness ensures privacy, but with the addition of a private air strip, Wakatobi now arranges private air charters to the resort twice a week from Bali. This cuts travel time to the resort to an only a 2.5 hour direct flight, with a limited number of passengers on board.

International guests will fly first into Denpasar International Airport in Bali, one of the most beautiful locations to have a layover, before continuing to Wakatobi. A short drive and boat ride after landing on the private airstrip, guests arrive just in time for lunch, after which it’s still possible to get in an afternoon of diving on the first day at the resort.

For guests who prefer to travel by private jet, we are happy to assist you to acquire the necessary permits. Wakatobi’s 1,500m airstrip is long enough to accommodate aircraft such as the Gulfstream V and Global 5000.

Yacht Charters in Wakatobi

To discuss planning a private yacht charter in Wakatobi, please get in touch and we will gladly design a custom adventure according to your preferences paired with the most suitable yacht.

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