The Last Paradise

7 NIGHTS | 370 NM (685 KM)
Revel in the vast beauty and immense biodiversity of Raja Ampat on a loop designed for an adventurous group looking to discover the region’s most iconic sites.

Itinerary Synopsis

Roundtrip from Sorong, this 7-night voyage covers the highlights of Raja Ampat including Misool, Wayag, Penemu, Kabui Bay and Mansuar Island. Opportunities abound for water sports and scenic vista hikes.

Tailored for all ages to enjoy the bounties of Raja Ampat’s equatorial wonderland, this itinerary seamlessly blends adventure and relaxation, with every day surrounded by nature at its most beautiful and the yacht’s luxury.

Itinerary Route

The Last Paradise Raja Ampat 7-night yacht charter itinerary map

Daily Activities

Sorong - Wagmab
78 NM (145 KM)  |   ~ 11.5 HOURS
Board and enjoy the sights on the cruise to the Misool protected reserve.
Wagmab - Tomolol
14 NM (26 KM)  |   ~ 2 HOURS
Explore Tomolol cave, swimming or stand-up paddling through the cathedral-like natural formation. See ancient cliff art and end the day with a visit to a picturesque emerald lagoon at Wagmab.
Tomolol - Boo Islands
62 NM (115 KM)  |   ~ 9 HOURS
Visit a sea gypsy village built on stilts, snorkel in crystal clear water and take a sunset RIB ride through a stunning blue lagoon.
Boo Islands - Wayag
78 NM (145 KM)  |   ~ 11.5 HOURS
Wake up inside Raja Ampat’s best scenery. Wayag’s pristine lagoons offer spectacular snorkeling, ample bays for water sports and stretches of white sandy beaches. Visit the ranger station to see baby black tip reef sharks, then take a sunset RIB trip or hike to a viewpoint to capture stunning photos.
Wayag - Penemu
48 NM (88 KM)  |   ~ 7 HOURS
Arrive in Penemu’s star-shaped lagoon to view manta rays. Climb wooden stairs to a viewing platform for a stunning panoramic view. Continue to Aljui Bay to learn about pearl farming, then go for a sunset RIB tour of the bay surrounded by rainforest.
Penemu - Saporkren
30 NM (56 KM)  |   ~ 4.5 HOURS
Early risers can embark on a sunrise trek in search of the greater bird-of-paradise from Saporkren village. Afterwards, snorkel or paddleboard Mioskon’s rich reefs then savor a beach BBQ.
Saporkren - Sauwandarek
14 NM (26 KM)  |   ~ 2 HOURS
Visit the idyllic village of Sauwandarek, where you’ll meet welcoming villagers, and snorkel off the jetty to see intense concentrations of marine life. Cruise to Sorong while enjoying a farewell dinner.
Sauwandarek - Sorong
44 NM (81 KM)  |   ~ 6.5 HOURS
Disembark at Sorong after breakfast for onward flights.

Customizing your itinerary

This sample itinerary is intended to provide an example of the ultimate loop of Raja Ampat over just seven nights. To discuss crafting the ultimate private yacht charter around your individual preferences, please enquire below or email us at:

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Raja Ampat

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