Expert Guides

Expert Guides

Expert Guides

Guides and instructors with specialized skills for augmenting charters

Curating Unique Experiences

Indo Yachts was founded to make discovery and adventure a reality in a vast and varied region. Since we craft each itinerary bespoke for each client, we sometimes draw on the expertise of a wide and knowledgeable network of specialists. From dedicated nature and surf guides to dive instructors and underwater photographers, we have amassed a network of experts in their respective fields to offer the height of specialized services on a charter.

A man on board of Dunia Baru luxury superyacht

An Unparalleled Network of Experts in Asia

For charter clients dreaming of diving with manta rays, surfing empty barrels, or immersing themselves in ancient cultures, our custom itineraries may include suggestions for experts who can take a charter experience to new heights. Some specialists can join you for the duration of your trip as a member of the crew, others will provide additional assistance when it is needed in a specific region to navigate on a local level, and some will be one-off guides for certain islands or activities who offer key knowledge or skills.

With contacts that span across the Indonesian archipelago from Sumatra to Papua and up into Thailand and Myanmar, we connect charter guests with the leading professionals at the pinnacle of their respective fields.

The following categories of specialists are just a small sample of what is possible. If you have something in mind you have always wanted to do but are not exactly sure how, please get in touch and we would be happy to help make the experience a reality with the ideal team paired with the perfect yacht for your custom adventure.

A scuba diver woman swimming in an underwater cave

Regional Cultural Liaisons

Its beaches are picture-perfect, its water is gin-clear, but it is the people of Indonesia that truly make it unlike any other nation on Earth. With at least 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia, islands, towns and tribes come with their own distinct customs and cultures. It is a thoroughly enriching and educational experience to learn the ways of an indigenous group through the eyes of an anthropologist or local guide who speaks English as well as the local dialect.

Immersing yourself in the vibrancy and variety of Indonesia's cultures is always unforgettable and wonderfully life-affirming. We can source regional liaisons throughout Indonesia for a variety of cultural experiences. Traditional dance teachers and local chefs are available for hands-on art and culinary instruction. Local guides can escort guests inland to experience various cultural attractions including temples, ceremonies, dances and rites of passage.

Tribe of native West Papuans and warriors posing for a photo with traditional clothing and accessories

Papua’s Tribal Regions

For those searching for an extraordinary experience, Indo Yachts can arrange rare visits to remote jungle villages where very few outsiders have ever set foot. These are the world’s last great frontiers, remaining largely untouched by mass tourism. These extraordinary visits require guides who have long-standing relationships with tribal leaders as a bridge between their culture and the outside world. We are honored to be connected with these master guides who enable guest to visits these indigenous cultures that have been barely touched by time.

Papua is home to the Asmat, Korowai, Dani and Yaffi tribes, among others, who have lived in much the same way for centuries, if not millennia. In coordination with expert guides, we can organize special visits into their traditional villages allowing you a brief but remarkable window into their unique ways of life.

Fleet of Asmar canoes with warriors in traditional dresses greeting Silolona on arrival at Syuru village, Agats in West Papua

Dive Guides

The diving in Indonesia is some of the best in the world. Each yacht has a dedicated crew with at least one PADI Dive Instructor and Dive Master. In instances where additional dive guides are required for a charter, we source the most reputable dive masters in the region from our extensive contact list to match your needs.

Additional Instructors may be required for large groups, or for certifying new divers while already certified divers keep to a schedule of their own. In some of the less-visited regions of the archipelago, it may also be beneficial to hire a local marine biologist with thousands of logged dives in that particular area to help locate otherwise elusive wildlife or show you the best sites. We happily arrange for the best guides and experts to join charters, ensuring the safest and most rewarding underwater experiences.

We are also able to source underwater photography experts, world-class underwater videographers, and snorkeling guides for non-divers. If there is something you are especially interested in, we have the guide for you.

Two scuba divers discovering colorful coral reefs in Wakatobi

Surf Guides

Indonesia is blessed with some of the best waves on the planet. Leave the crowded breaks of Bali to the masses and let us source a dedicated surf guide for your charter to surf empty line-ups. We have a network of professional level surfers who have the skills, knowledge and safety training to elevate clients’ surfing over the course of a charter. Connected with experts in the surfing community in Indonesia and internationally, Indo Yachts can provide guests with unrivaled private surf instruction.

Whether you have never set foot on a board, you want to surf more challenging waves or you want to go where only the pros go, our bespoke itineraries paired with an expert guide brings surfing experiences to new new levels.

Man on a jetski riding a wave with a rope pulling a wakeboarder behind him

Professional Photographers

Put your camera down knowing that your moments and memories will be captured by a professional. Hiring a professional photographer during your yacht charter is a special way to document the experience, from dive excursions and dinner parties to remote island treks, sunset cocktails and everything in between. Specialist surf photographers can also be hired to capture the moment you caught the perfect barrel.

Indo Yachts also knows world-class professional drone pilots who can take amazing aerial footage of your charter, offering a bird's eye perspective to catch the glorious island and ocean vistas that are impossible from the deck. At the end of your charter, you will be presented with a high quality video of the footage; a beautiful, lifelong memento of your experiences.

Pink colorful coral underwater

Wildlife Experts and Naturalists

With such a breathtaking array of flora and fauna at every turn and bucket list species like whale sharks and birds-of-paradise, charter guests may wish to harness the knowledge of a nature or marine guide. Established experts in marine and land biology richly supplement a charter, adding a wealth of information about a region, while local guides put guests in touch with dream wildlife sightings.

We are happy to arrange wildlife and naturalist experts to accompany the length of charters, as well as to arrange for local guides at specific destinations to direct guests toward their desired sighting.


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