Charter Specialists

Charter Specialists

Charter Specialists

We curate the very best for your ultimate family vacations, bucket list trips and special occasions on Indonesia’s top private charter yachts

Bespoke Voyages

In order for your charter to come together, it needs to be tailored to your preferences, then executed by a team with the experience and competencies to ensure a truly exceptional voyage. Our specialty is combining the destinations, activities, and yachts for each charter according to what our clients will most enjoy.

In Indonesia’s archipelago, the possibilities for private charters are only limited by our creativity and appetite for adventure. We can put together longer expeditions where guests cover vast expanses of territory to enjoy the sensation of being an explorer, stopping at rarely visited islands otherwise impossible to access.

We can also design charters at a more leisurely pace for plenty of time for relaxing and enjoying beautiful scenery, water sports and the services of the yacht. Ideally, a charter will incorporate both a sense of discovery and leisure, for the perfect blend of excitement and rejuvenation.

Diving destinations near Komodo, available through private yacht charter
An Indo Yachts aerial photo showcasing our favorite dive sites in North Komodo.

The Benefit of Experience

There is no substitute for local knowledge. We are only focused on Indonesia and know each yacht and crew well. We have spent time in the destinations you will cruise and photographed many of the areas you will visit. With our experience, we take the guesswork out of the equation so you can rest assured you receive the best guidance in this far away corner of the world.

Whether you want to charter a yacht for a few days or a few weeks, whether you want to dive, immerse yourself in nature, see rainforests, wildlife or the most beautiful beaches, we will personalize your itinerary to ensure you make the most of your time on board.

We start planning your charter by focusing on your tastes and your schedule then narrow down a selection of possible destinations, draft a custom itinerary according to your interests and pair it with a selection of yachts up to the task. Discussing the trip, modifying it to your preferences and working on the details that will make it special for you and your group is what we do best. This level of personalization is what sets a custom private charter apart from any other kind of holiday.

Komodo yacht charter route map
Indo Yachts custom maps will show you potential routes and distances to help narrow down choices.

Exceptional Quality and Service

Imagine a supremely comfortable floating villa where the only other guests are your family and friends and every staff member is there to make sure you have everything you need before you even knew you needed it. A private charter on a luxury yacht is unlike any other holiday experience. All of our vessels offer beautifully appointed accommodation, and whether you have retired to your cabin or are taking in the views from on deck, our primary goal is to ensure you are always comfortable, relaxed and safe.

The benefit of Indonesia’s expansive areas is that there is so much space to explore. You can feel like an adventurer but still have all the comforts of the yacht. The feeling of an expedition combined with the yachts’ amenities is the basis for truly special types of trips and are suitable for all ages.

Whether it is searching for whale sharks, witnessing unique local cultural events or enjoying the most beautiful scenery with no one else around for miles, we have all the ingredients for the most spectacular charters on earth, all supported by the comforts of the yachts. Each yacht has its own character, and we are always happy to discuss the differences in depth to ensure you are matched with the one you will most enjoy.

Private wooden cabin of a luxury yacht for charter


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