To The Land of Dragons

10 NIGHTS | 322 NM (597 KM)
Time stands still on this dramatic landscape, where primeval reptiles and underwater wonders await. A blend of exploration and relaxation make for the perfect getaway.

Itinerary Synopsis

From Bali to Flores, this 10-night voyage takes you to the one-of-a-kind islands above Lombok and Sumbawa before immersing you in the stunning Komodo National Park.

This charter is tailored to guests of all ages who want a laid-back vacation with elements of adventure amid breathtaking scenery.

Itinerary Route

Bali to Komodo private yacht charter map

Daily Activities

Serangan - Kramat
121 NM (225 KM)  |   ~ 17.5 HOURS
Depart midday, cruising up Bali’s eastern coastline and across the Lombok Strait with views of Bali’s Mount Agung and Lombok’s Mount Rinjani volcanoes. Cruise overnight to Kramat Island.
Kramat - Satonda
43 NM (80 KM)  |   ~ 6.5 HOURS
Wake to Kramat Island’s gorgeous white sand beaches and clear water, ideal for water sports, snorkeling and check dives. Enjoy a relaxing picnic on the beach while savoring the surrounding tropical environs.
Satonda - Sangeang
76 NM (141 KM)  |   ~ 11 HOURS
Enjoy the waters around Satonda Island, where it’s possible to see pygmy seahorses. Hike to Satonda’s saltwater lake with views of Mount Tambora. Watch thousands of flying foxes take to the skies to hunt at sunset. Cruise overnight to Sangeang.
Sangeang -
Watch local shipwrights handcraft traditional boats using simple tools and ancient techniques. Dive or snorkel to see nudibranchs and frogfish at ‘Hot Rock Reef’, where fissure vents emit sulphur bubbles.
Sangeang - Gili Banta
25 NM (46 KM)  |   ~ 2.5 HOURS
At Gili Banta, the last island we pass before entering Komodo National Park, divers and snorkelers will see hard corals, hawksbill turtles and schooling fish. Water sports are possible in this sheltered bay.
Gili Banta - Gili Lawa Darat
20 NM (37 KM)  |   ~ 3 HOURS
Welcome to Komodo! Snorkel or dive Gili Lawa Darat, one of Indonesia's top underwater destinations, where you will encounter trevally, groupers, sweetlips, barracudas, and white tip reef sharks. Hike inland to a spectacular viewpoint that takes in the beautiful turquoise bay and surrounding islands.
Gili Lawa Darat - Makassar Reef
4 NM (8 KM)  |   ~ 0.5 HOURS
Swim with manta rays at Makassar Reef, take a tender ride to the Golden Passage between two islands or kayak around the area's pristine bays.
Makassar Reef - Padar
7 NM (13 KM)  |   ~ 1 HOUR
Take a brisk morning hike for the most epic view of the Park, and enjoy Padar’s smooth bay with wakeboarding and kayaking. Divers can check out the nearby Three Sisters underwater playground. In the afternoon, walk to Pink Beach where foraminifera microorganisms give the beach its rosy color.
Padar - Rinca
10 NM (18 KM)  |   ~ 1.5 HOURS
Anchor in the bay where the Park’s most active dragons can be viewed sun-soaking on the beach. Take a tender to the island for a guided walk to see the dragons up close in their natural environment.
Rinca - Bidadari
13 NM (24 KM)  |   ~ 2 HOURS
Revel in one last dive or snorkel near Gili Lawa Laut in the morning. Cruise to Bidadari Island for a relaxed beach BBQ on a white sand beach to commemorate your amazing Komodo adventures.
Bidadari - Labuan Bajo
3 NM (5 KM)  |   ~ 0.5 HOURS
Enjoy a last dip in the water before the tender takes you to the harbor for disembarkation and airport transfer.

Customizing your itinerary

This sample itinerary is intended to provide an example of a leisurely sail from Bali to Komodo. To discuss crafting the ultimate private yacht charter around your individual preferences, please enquire below or email us at:

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Komodo National Park

Discover a real life Jurassic Park where dragons roam the lands and an underwater frontier sets the stage for some of the most exciting diving in the world.

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