Our Story

Discovering Komodo National Park changed everything

A Prehistoric Natural Playground


After hiking for a few hours and enjoying a rewarding view, we’d swim in crystal clear waters. We’d drift snorkel or go for a ‘rock and roll dive’ holding hands in heavy, heavy currents.

As a national park, the Komodos seemed peerless and prehistoric. Amidst the natural beauty one could feel like a true adventurer. This dreamy combination of hiking, diving and breathtaking scenery proved irresistible.

Setting foot in Komodo years ago was the beginning of a prolonged love affair with Indonesia that continues to this day. 













Discovering the Archipelago


Our first extended charter was by chance. We heard of a phinisi going to a group of islands half way to Sulawesi that were rarely visited. Once we got a taste of Indonesia’s more remote regions we were hooked.

Now, seven years in Indonesia and of thousands of kilometers of ocean passages behind us, we feel as if we are just getting started. After all, Indonesia’s waters stretch over a length equivalent to the continental United States.

With our own appetite for adventure and the local contacts we have developed over the years, we are in a unique position to help people discover the islands and waters that have captured our own hearts and imaginations.