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Creating the most incredible yacht charters in Indonesia

We are based on the beautiful and culturally rich island of Bali. From Komodo to Raja Ampat, we service an area the size of Europe with limitless potential for adventures above and below the sea. We are here to make your dream charters a reality.

Each year, we cruise thousands of miles across Indonesia’s breathtaking archipelago on the very same yachts that we offer for charter. We do this to ensure we can better advise you on what to expect in terms of vessel quality, service, and activities in each destination.

Indonesia’s islands are home to a staggering array of wildlife, from whale sharks and oceanic manta rays to the great birds of paradise, to name a few. Dozens of rich, regional cultures exist unchanged by the passage of time; for example, the Bajo sea gypsies and the Asmat tribes live in concert with nature, unlike anywhere in the developed world.

On an Indo Yachts charter you will visit destinations so breathtaking and pristine, you’ll feel like an explorer discovering the New World. Cruising through the islands on a state-of-the-art wooden sailing yacht, you will visit beaches to rival the best of the Caribbean. You will spend the night at anchor in bays surrounded by rainforests older than the Amazon.

In Indonesia, we have all the ingredients for the most amazing vacations on Earth. If you’ve been looking for something out of the ordinary, we’re glad you found us. This is where adventures start.

Chartering a sophisticated yacht to sail Indonesia’s vibrant archipelago is unlike any experience on earth

Serving The Indonesian Yacht Charter Market

Amidst all the potential for adventure in Indonesia’s far-reaching islands, it can be a daunting task to plan a charter from overseas. Charter clients need a local broker who knows each region and offers insightful guidance based on personal experience aboard each yacht.

We work closely with the yachts, but ultimately we serve you – our clients, to ensure you get the very best representation at every stage of your charter. This includes negotiating terms and advising on itineraries to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

Where world-class accommodation and service lay the foundation for incredible adventures

Turning Visions into Reality

With our extensive experience chartering each of Indonesia’s top yachts, we know each yacht’s particular strengths and therefore understand how our clients’ expectations are best matched by each. We are a one-stop shop for chartering in Indonesia with the most complete information available anywhere.

Client feedback describing Indo Yacht charters as ‘epic’ and ‘perfect’ is a testament to the kinds of special trips we have made possible. It is also a testament to the Indonesian top yachts, crews, and pioneering owners that they are able to satisfy the exacting requirements of an international clientele and exceed expectations time and again.

Over time, we have also become a trusted source for some of the world’s leading luxury travel companies and yacht charter brokers in Europe, the US and Middle East for Indonesia-specific expertise. Branching out to assist other travel industry professionals with itineraries and information on seasons, yachts, wildlife, and cultural activities is something we very much enjoy and helps promote the region as a whole.

Please give us a call or send us an email to take the first step in creating an unforgettable charter with Indo Yachts. We’ll get started on building your dream charter right away.

Nikko Karki | Director, Indo Yachts
22 November 2017
Bali, Indonesia


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