The Westward Passage

7 NIGHTS | 310 NM (574 KM)
Cruise through the land of dragons, catching sight of manta rays, unending sunrise vistas and plunging waterfalls on an awe-inspiring journey westward through Indonesia’s laid-back eastern islands.

Itinerary Synopsis

Starting in Labuan Bajo, Flores, this 7-night westward voyage begins by taking in the highlights of Komodo National Park, before showcasing the fantastic features of Sumbawa and Lombok on the way to beautiful Bali.

Active travelers will love the plethora of trekking, wildlife-spotting, and watersport opportunities on this island-spanning charter. Bali’s international airport makes for easy travel home at charter’s end.

Itinerary Route

Westward Passage Komodo to Bali 7-night yacht charter itinerary map

Daily Activities

Labuan Bajo - Nusa Kode
38 NM (70 KM)  |   ~ 5.5 HOURS
Board the yacht in Labuan Bajo, settle in and take in the iconic Komodo National Park scenery as the yacht delivers you to Nusa Kode, where you’ll see Komodo dragons roaming the beach.
Nusa Kode - Padar
11 NM (20 KM)  |   ~ 1.5 HOURS
Wake to a view of the dragons in the soft morning light then dive or snorkel the reefs around the island. Afterward, proceed to Padar Island and hike to a breathtaking view of three bays.
Padar - Rinca & Gili Lawa
14 NM (26 KM)  |   ~ 2 HOURS
Hike up Padar’s peak again for a sunrise view, then head to Rinca Island for a guided trek among dragons with an experienced park ranger. Over lunch, cruise to Makassar Reef, where it’s possible to snorkel with manta rays.
Gili Lawa - Batu Monco & Gili Banta
36 NM (67 KM)  |   ~ 5 HOURS
Hike up Gili Lawa for another striking sunrise view before lifting anchor for Batumonco, a beautiful snorkeling site. Exit the Park for Gili Banta and more snorkeling, then cruise overnight to Satonda Island.
Gili Banta - Satonda & Moyo
121 NM (224 KM)  |   ~ 17.5 HOURS
Hike around Satonda Island, a dormant volcano with a saltwater crater lake. Over lunch, cruise to Moyo Island and Labuan Aji village, going ashore for a trek to Madjewi waterfall, once visited by Princess Diana.
Moyo -
Enjoy the natural scenery surrounding Moyo Island’s private island sanctuary, choosing here to trek to another waterfall or engage in water sports in the calm bay. Cruise overnight to Lombok’s Gili islands.
Moyo - Gili T
34 NM (63 KM)  |   ~ 5 HOURS
Arrive at Gili Air by sunrise for snorkeling or beachcombing, then head south to Gili Gede over lunch. Enjoy a grand finale beach BBQ dinner to celebrate all the wonders you’ve seen on your charter.
Gili T - Bali
56 NM (104 KM)  |   ~ 8 HOURS
Cruise from Gili Gede to Bali, enjoying the sight of Mount Agung coming into view before disembarking.

Customizing your itinerary

This sample itinerary is intended to provide an example of a leisurely charter from Komodo to Bali. To discuss crafting the ultimate private yacht charter around your individual preferences, please enquire below or email us at:

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Komodo National Park

Discover a real life Jurassic Park where dragons roam the lands and an underwater frontier sets the stage for some of the most exciting diving in the world.

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