Extended Spice Route

12 NIGHTS | 844 NM (1,563 KM)
A historical odyssey, voyaging through the Spice Islands, the birthplace of nutmeg where wars were once waged & traditional villages still thrive on remote volcanic islands in the deep turquoise sea.

Itinerary Synopsis

This 12-night private charter through the Spice Islands showcases the region’s fascinating past and rich present, focusing on village tours and excursions to the area’s natural wonders.

This itinerary is designed for travelers seeking a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary experience. Journeying across Indonesia’s wide-reaching territory, you will be completely immersed in its history, wild beauty, and cultural heritage.

Itinerary Route

Ambon to Maumere Extended Spice Route 12-night yacht charter itinerary map

Daily Activities

Tulehu - Nusa Laut
29 NM (54 KM)  |   ~ 4 HOURS
Board and set sail for Nusa Laut, known to have the best underwater visibility in Indonesia. Check dive at Ameth reef and enjoy the stunning sunset. Cruise overnight to Pulau Run.
Nusa Laut, Run, Ai, Banda Neira - Manuk
158 NM (293 KM)  |   ~ 22.5 HOURS
Explore Pulau Run and Pulau Ai, then cruise onward to Banda Neira, diving or sightseeing along the way. On Banda Neira, choose to hike Mount Api or tour the Dutch forts. Cruise overnight to Pulau Manuk.
Manuk - Serua - Nila
89 NM (165 KM)  |   ~ 13 HOURS
Tour Pulau Manuk in search of exotic birds. Keep an eye out for sperm whales and orcas, and the four stratovolancoes as you sail to Serua for a tour of the remotest Indonesian village. Cruise overnight to Pulau Nila.
Nila, Teun - Damar
58 NM (107 KM)  |   ~ 8.5 HOURS
Explore the coast of Pulau Nila on RIBs, then cruise to Pulau Teun, where the Dutch maintained an outpost of three soldiers throughout the 18th century. Cruise overnight to Pulau Damar.
Damar - Romang
78 NM (144 KM)  |   ~ 11.5 HOURS
Visit a small village of huts made out of sago palm leaves on Damar, whose nutmeg trees the Dutch destroyed. Sample locals foods of sweet potatoes, bananas and fish. Cruise overnight to Pulau Romang.
Romang - Reong
89 NM (165 KM)  |   ~ 13 HOURS
See dolphins off the coast of Romang Island and tour its village, then cruise to Maopora Island to snorkel and beach comb, visiting its village for a cup of the local sweet tea. Cruise overnight to Pulau Reong.
Reong -
Visit Reong’s hot springs and a small settlement where fishermen dry their catch on the beaches. Walk around local villages and snorkel in this area known for its ‘gin clear’ water. Cruise overnight to Ternate.
Reong - Ternate
100 NM (185 KM)  |   ~ 14.5 HOURS
Ternate is famous for its traditional Ikat textiles. Go ashore to see how the fabrics are made and pick out pieces to take home. The intricate patterns reflect the fishing traditions the region. Explore the area by tender and go for a snorkel in the clear waters abundant with fish.
Ternate - Kalabahi
13 NM (24 KM)  |   ~ 2 HOURS
Spend a leisurely day cruising past white sandy beaches. Arrive in Kalabahi for the afternoon to get an early start the next day and, if you are feeling energetic, hike up the mountain for a view of the city and bay.
Kalabahi - Pantar
37 NM (69 KM)  |   ~ 5.5 HOURS
Visit a village in the mountains to witness a traditional war dance to moko drums, which have been used for wives’ dowries for centuries. Cruise overnight to Pulau Kombo or Lamalerap.
Pantar - Komba / Lamakera
  |   ~
Komba is an isolated volcano that has erupted the past few years; if conditions are favorable and the volcano is still active, witness a spectacular night show of lava and eruptions. Cruise to Lamalerap to visit the Ruins of Fort Henricus built by Dominican Friars in 1566, then cruise north through the Solor Strait against the backdrop of Lili Boleng volcano. Take a swim or snorkel along the way. Cruise overnight to Pulau Babi or Pemana Besar.
Komba / Lamakera - Babi / Pemana Besar
  |   ~
The islanders of the Pemana chain of islands are descendants of the seafaring Buginese people. Witness their boat-building skills and enjoy swimming, diving and water sports here. Cruise overnight to Maumere.
Babi / Pemana Besar - Maumere
  |   ~
Disembark in Maumere for flights home.

Customizing your itinerary

This sample itinerary is intended to provide an example of retracing ancient Spice Routes through the Banda Sea to Alor. To discuss crafting the ultimate private yacht charter around your individual preferences, please enquire below or email us at: info@indoyachts.com.

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Spice Islands

With opalescent waters known for bright coral reefs and beaches bookended by looming conical volcanoes, the Spice Islands are as fertile and inviting as their storied past.

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