Eastern Expedition

10 NIGHTS | 554 NM (1,026 KM)
During this 10-night adventure, you will sail through the remote islands of East Nusa Tenggara, where time seemingly stands still and islands far-removed from the bustling crowd beckon your arrival.

Itinerary Synopsis

From Labuan Bajo, Flores, travel to the dragons – Komodo National Park – then head east along the Ring of Fire through Riung, Larantuka and Alor before looping back to Flores in Maumere.

For adventurers searching for the path less-traveled, this safari allows you to experience rarely-visited islands that remain unchanged by the modern world. Be wowed by the wilds of remote Indonesia.

Itinerary Route

Komodo to Alor eastern expedition yacht charter map

Daily Activities

Labuan Bajo - Gili Lawa
19 NM (35 KM)  |   ~ 2.5 HOURS
Board in Labuan Bajo and cruise to Makassar Reef for manta ray sightings. Hike up Gili Lawa for a stunning sunset view of the park.
Gili Lawa - Rinca Ranger Station
15 NM (28 KM)  |   ~ 2 HOURS
Take a morning trek with an experienced park ranger to see the Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. Enjoy snorkeling and water sports after lunch. Depart in the afternoon for an overnight sail to Riung.
Rinca Ranger Station - Riung
94 NM (174 KM)  |   ~ 12.5 HOURS
Beautiful beaches await your exploration, and water sports and snorkeling opportunities abound in this protected bay. At sunset, watch thousands of flying foxes take off for their nightly hunt.
Riung - Pemana Besar
75 NM (139 KM)  |   ~ 10 HOURS
Snorkel in crystal-clear, fish-filled waters while the crew sets up a beach lounge for a relaxing day’s end. Watch seafaring Bugis islanders fish from their handcrafted wooden outriggers.
Pemana Besar - Larantuka
63 NM (117 KM)  |   ~ 8.5 HOURS
Visit the island’s market to taste traditional salted seafood, then tour the fishing village of Lamakera. Cruise the Solor Strait against a backdrop of the Lili Boleng volcano.
Larantuka - Lamalera
39 NM (72 KM)  |   ~ 5 HOURS
Visit the whale hunting village still rooted in ancient traditions, where you will see giant whale skeletons and traditional boats used for hunting sperm whales. Continue on a tour to Pantar seaweed farm.
Lamalera - Pantar
53 NM (98 KM)  |   ~ 7 HOURS
Anchor in this idyllic bay for jet skiing, paddleboarding or even surfing. Lucky travellers will see dolphins passing through the Pantar Strait. Explore the area on a RIB ride adventure.
Pantar - Alor
31 NM (57 KM)  |   ~ 4 HOURS
Visit a headhunting village where you can watch a traditional war dance performance and learn how ikat’s intricate patterns and bright colors are made. Alor’s protected bay is also ideal for diving or snorkeling.
Alor - Komba
67 NM (124 KM)  |   ~ 9 HOURS
Cruise past Batu Tara, or ‘Ghost Mountain’ volcano with active lava flows and thunderous booms as it emits small eruptions. Anchor in Kawula bay featuring water heated in areas by underwater vents.
Komba - Babi
77 NM (143 KM)  |   ~ 10 HOURS
Snorkel this bountiful reef above its earthquake fault line feature. Enjoy a white sand beach BBQ and stargazing on the final night.
Babi - Maumere
21 NM (39 KM)  |   ~ 2.5 HOURS
Cruise into Maumere Bay and disembark for flights home.

Customizing your itinerary

This sample itinerary is intended to provide an example of an adventurous ocean voyage through East Nusa Tenggara. To discuss crafting the ultimate private yacht charter around your individual preferences, please enquire below or email us at: info@indoyachts.com.

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East Nusa Tenggara

Spanning from Komodo to Alor, this vast, volcanic network of Indonesian islands is a favorite for eclectic explorers who appreciate a mix of beckoning seas and rich cultural traditions.

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