Moyo Island

Moyo Island

Moyo Island

Optimal Season: Year Round

Moyo’s Wild Nature Reserve

In the untamed wilderness of West Nusa Tenggara, Moyo is a rustic jewel of unspoiled nature and seas alive with plentiful marine life. A short cruise or flight via sea plane from Bali, most of the island is a nature reserve and remains virtually untouched by outside influences. Amidst the nature reserve is the island’s safari tent resort, Amanwana. With 20 tents rising from the sandy beaches and overlooking the Flores Sea, Amanwana is a unique refuge nestled in the wild.

Though Moyo has its green bursts of jungle, much of the island is arid savannah; home to multifarious flora and fauna. Macaques, monkeys, wild pigs, deer, and many colorful birds and butterflies remain thriving and undisturbed in some of the most verdant and fertile land in Indonesia.

Wading into Amanwana

The Amanwana resort is a conduit through which travel-happy adventurers can experience all that Moyo and the surrounding seas have to offer. Hidden away in a cove facing the Flores sea, Amanwana manages to have one foot firmly placed in the thriving jungle, and one foot buried in the sand. It is with this spirit of diversity that Amanwana functions, encouraging visitors to taste every flavor of the island, whether it be deep sea diving, a jungle trek or a visit to neighboring villages.

Though Amanwana is steeped in natural beauty and a reverence for the untouched, the resort itself provides an additional level of awe inspiring tranquility. Secluded tents, spa treatments, and a yoga studio are only a few of the amenities Amanwana offers. As a guest or merely passing through for lunch, experience the divergence of wild Moyo with Amanwana’s quiet sanctuary resort.

Multicolored Moyo

Moyo has much to offer in the way of changing scenery. The jungles make for wonderful trekking excursions, the vibrant plant life and wide ranging animal inhabitants welcoming the more seasoned travellers to lose themselves in the depths of the canopy. The once active volcano, Mt. Tambora, is visible from Moyo, the base of which hosts quite beautiful forests. The juxtaposition of a craggy monolith springing forth from lush vegetation is a breathtaking, humbling sight.

Fine, roseate sand beaches line the island at the edge of vibrant coral gardens beneath the sea. Scuba diving and snorkeling are favorites for thrill seekers, whereas the native villages present a more laid back insight into long observed cultural traditions. With only 21 villages, the island of Moyo remains one of the less inhabited areas in West Nusa Tengarra.

Under the Sea

Moyo Island is sought out by seafarers looking for an uncultivated and untainted nature escape. Through the marine nature reserve by Amanwana, divers can organize expeditions in uncrowded settings off the radar of mainstream tourism.

Soft and hard coral make up colorful underwater forests, home to plethora of marine wildlife. Eels, mature reef sharks, manta rays and groupers are plentiful in these waters, and the lucky spectator may even have a flying fish sighting. Medang Island is a choice destination for diving, a veritable under the sea safari for the water dwelling adventurer.

Mata Jitu Waterfall

Located an hour’s hike from the Labuan Aji village, the Mata Jitu waterfall hides in splendor in the hills. One of Moyo’s most magnificent waterfalls, Mata Jitu is a multi-terraced waterfall amidst the lush jungles of the hills. The trek to Mata Jitu takes one through cashew plantations, and verdant flora. Some of the most breathtaking scenery in Moyo, the forest is host to chittering monkeys and wild boar. The experience is fully immersive, the greenery green wild upstaged only by the lively limestone waterfalls.

Going down the line, there are natural freshwater pools that travellers are welcome to swim in. The experience magical, the feeling of being humbled by nature that remains with one long after they have left Moyo’s splendor.

Private Sea Plane Access

For private charter clients or those who prefer to skip the commercial flight to Moyo, Amanwana’s private sea plane is the ideal means of travel. Depart from Bali’s international airport and head east over towering Mt. Rinjani on Lombok. The flight offers superlative views of the surrounding islands as a precursor to the voyage about to begin.

After a short flight, the sea plane reaches the seclusion of Moyo perched on the north side of Sumbawa landing on the water directly in front of Amanwana. Guests may disembark on the dock to begin their holiday without further delay by either checking into one of the tents, or boarding one of Aman’s vessels to start a charter venturing further adrift.

Amanwana is home to Amandira and Amanikan, both available for charter through Indo Yachts.

Yacht Charters from Moyo Island

To discuss planning a private yacht charter from Moyo Island, please get in touch and we will gladly design a custom adventure according to your preferences paired with the most suitable yacht.

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