Ultimate Family Adventure

10 NIGHTS | 413 NM (764 KM)
During this 10-night voyage, you will embark on a far-reaching exploration of what is, without a doubt, one of the least-visited but most remarkable adventure destinations on our planet.

Itinerary Synopsis

Starting in Sorong, this voyage will take you north to Wayag, then through Waigeo, Batanta and Misool to cover the highlights of the entire Raja Ampat region.

Tailored to an active and nature-loving group, the expedition is packed with fun ways to enjoy the bounties of Raja Ampat’s equatorial wonderland. Each day presents opportunities for adventure in stunning natural habitats supported by the amenities of the yacht.

Itinerary Route

Ultimate Family Adventure 10-night Raja Ampat yacht charter itinerary map

Daily Activities

Sorong - Wayag
105 NM (195 KM)  |   ~ 15 HOURS
Board the yacht and head north for an overnight cruise into Raja Ampat and its breathtaking natural sites. If conditions are right, raise the sails for the first time as you head into the sunset.
Wayag -
At sunrise, cruise through Wayag’s stunning karst formations. Enjoy a leisurely day of water sports, then head ashore for a cocktail party on a pristine stretch of beach.
Wayag - Wayag Ranger Station
4 NM (7 KM)  |   ~ 0,5 HOUR
Start the day with a morning snorkel, then visit the Wayag ranger station where baby black tip reef sharks circle in the shallows.
Wayag Ranger Station - Kawe
12 NM (22 KM)  |   ~ 1.5 HOURS
Hike to a waterfall on the west side of the island in the morning, then snorkel across the equator in the afternoon where soft corals bloom in a vibrant display of colors near the surface.
Kawe Island - Wofoh
14 NM (26 KM)  |   ~ 2 HOURS
Go for a snorkel and relax on a deserted beach in the morning. For a taste of local culture in the afternoon, visit Manyaifun village, set partially on stilts overlooking the clear, fish-abundant waters.
Wofoh - Kabui Bay
19 NM (35 KM)  |   ~ 2.5 HOURS
Separating Gam and Waigeo islands is a narrow waterway that looks like a river. The clear water hosts colorful soft corals near the surface, perfectly viewed via snorkeling or stand-up paddle boarding.
Kabui Bay - Arborek
18 NM (33 KM)  |   ~ 2,5 HOURS
Awake before dawn for a trek to spot the greater bird of paradise. Snorkel Manta Sandy for swims with manta rays and visit the conservationist village of Arborek in the afternoon, known for its jetty snorkel.
Arborek - Arefi Village - Batanta
25 NM (46 KM)  |   ~ 3.5 HOURS
Embark on a morning island trek to see birds on Batanta’s north coast, then walk along the riverbed to see two jungle waterfalls. In the afternoon, relax at anchor where the sounds of the rainforest fill the air.
Batanta - Tomolol Bay
97 NM (180 KM)  |   ~ 14.5 HOURS
Take RIBs through Tomolol Bay, where dolphins can sometimes be seen between islands. Swim through cathedral-sized Tomolol cave, leading to a grotto of turquoise water surrounded by sharply rising cliffs.
Tomolol Bay - Misool Eco Reserve
27 NM (50 KM)  |   ~ 4 HOURS
Explore the area’s exciting scenery on a RIB excursion through the Mushroom Islands with colorful coral just below the surface. End the day with a party onboard before cruising overnight back to Sorong.
Misool Eco Reserve - Sorong
92 NM (170 KM)  |   ~ 14 HOURS
Disembark after lunch for flights home.

Customizing your itinerary

This sample itinerary is intended to provide an example of an exciting family adventure suitable for all ages in Raja Ampat. To discuss crafting the ultimate private yacht charter around your individual preferences, please enquire below or email us at: info@indoyachts.com.

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