Dive Ultramarine

10 NIGHTS | 390 NM (723 KM)
Experience the best dive sites in both north and south Raja Ampat. In just 10 nights, see the highlights of what has taken the region’s diving pioneers over two decades of exploration to discover.

Itinerary Synopsis

Dive Raja Ampat’s most iconic sites with plenty of time to savor the sites on land as well. This voyage is pure diving heaven, without forgetting to enjoy the scenery along the way.

The sites on this itinerary will show you just why Raja Ampat is known as an ‘equatorial garden of Eden’. Dive into vast, dramatic seascapes and swim among colorful arrays of coral and ocean wildlife in the most biodiverse marine protected areas on our planet.

Itinerary Route

Dive Ultramarine Raja Ampat 10-night yacht charter itinerary map

Daily Activities

Sorong - Mioskon
39 NM (73 KM)  |   ~ 6 HOURS
From Sorong, West Papua, embark west into the Dampier strait. At Mioskon, get in the water for a check dive in a beautiful shallow reef with bountiful fish life, then relax on the small beach to enjoy sunset.
Mioskon - Cape Kri & Sauwandarek
9 NM (17 KM)  |   ~ 1.5 HOURS
Dive at Blue Magic, with over 200 species of reef fish and coral, and possible manta ray sightings. Then dive at Cape Kri where Dr. Gerry Allan once counted a world-record 326 species of fish on one dive. After a dive at Sauwandarek Jetty, stroll through the local village. Cruise overnight to Wayag.
Sauwandarek - Wayag
59 NM (110 KM)  |   ~ 8.5 HOURS
Wake early to climb Mount Pindito for spectacular views of Raja Ampat’s islands. Advanced divers can explore Pelagic Rock, where large schools gather to hunt. Explore Wayag’s lagoons by tender, then head for another exceptional dive at The Cathedral, a cavernous underwater playground.
Wayag - Kawe - Aljui Bay
24 NM (45 KM)  |   ~ 3.5 HOURS
Dive at Black Rock which straddles the equator, then at Eagle Rock’s cleaning station for a chance to see more manta rays. Conclude the day’s dives at Channel Island inside Aljui Bay. In the afternoon, visit an ecologically-sound pearl farm to learn how the pearls are harvested, and take a tender ride to explore inside the bay. In the evening, cruise to Penemu.
Ajui Bay - Penemu
26 NM (49 KM)  |   ~ 4 HOURS
Catch the sunrise from the top of the Penemu hills, a brisk hike well worth the rewarding panorama. The day’s dives include Melissa’s Garden, Keruo Channel, and the site literally named ‘Too Many Fish’. Cruise overnight to Misool.
Penemu - Tomolol
81 NM (150 KM)  |   ~ 12 HOURS
Dive at Two Trees Island to catch silversides spawning, then hit up Sagof Ridge and Emily’s Reef for more silversides and squadrons of mobulas or a sighting of an endemic wobbegong shark. Cap off the day’s dives with a sunset beach BBQ.
Tomolol cave - Yilliet
16 NM (30 KM)  |   ~ 2.5 HOURS
The day’s first dive is at Shadow Reef / Magic Mountain, which could well be the world’s richest and liveliest reef. Next, dive Nudi Rock and Wedding Cake, then take a tender ride through karst formations in emerald waters.
Yilliet - Pelee
13 NM (25 KM)  |   ~ 2 HOURS
Dive the iconic, fish-packed Four Kings, then head to Gorgonian Passage / Neptune Fantasea and Two Sisters. In the afternoon, enjoy kayaking or stand up paddleboarding through the lagoons, topped off with a beach picnic.
Pelee - Wagmab - Balbulol
40 NM (74 KM)  |   ~ 6 HOURS
Submerge under a water ridge at Three Towers, then dive at Talintung, a tiny island with a huge reef. After a dive at Love Potion Number 9, go for a tender ride or paddleboard inside Balbulol’s maze-like lagoon.
Balbulol - Sorong
81 NM (150 KM)  |   ~ 12 HOURS
Dive Farondi Cavern then explore a picturesque lagoon with a paddle board or by tender. In the afternoon, climb Arfak Peak for a beautiful photo, and on the overnight cruise to Sorong, enjoy a last sunset and feast on board.
Sorong -
  |   ~
Disembark at Sorong and transfer to the airport.

Customizing your itinerary

This sample itinerary is intended to provide an example of the most epic 10 nights of diving in the world for experienced divers. To discuss crafting the ultimate private yacht charter around your individual preferences, please enquire below or email us at: info@indoyachts.com.

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Raja Ampat

Plunge into the the depths where the Pacific collides with the Indian Ocean to discover what National Geographic simply calls ‘Ultramarine’.

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