Mergui, Myanmar

Mergui, Myanmar

Mergui, Myanmar

Optimal Season: November - April

The Lost World

Journey back in time to one of the last strongholds on Earth where a string of virgin islands remains untouched and largely undocumented.

Here in Mergui, the Moken seafaring tribe maintains their indigenous way of life surrounded by lush atolls adorned with hidden lagoons and hideaways straight out of a pirate story.

The Forbidden Atolls

Having remained entirely closed to visitors until 1997, even now only a few dozen visitors are granted access each month, ensuring the archipelago and its hidden lagoons remain beautiful, well-kept secrets.

In the 1965 James Bond film Thunderball, SPECTRE demands a ransom of £100 million worth of diamonds to be deposited in the Mergui archipelago off the coast of Myanmar. The region encompasses some 800 limestone islands rising from the sea, suitable for the most discerning of Hollywood villains.

Recreational Diving and Snorkeling

Mergui’s spellbinding combination of sea and mountains makes it an ideal cruising ground for adventurers seeking to forge their own path in a remote part of the world. The lagoons, white sandy beaches and pristine landscapes are the main attractions in this wonderful part of the world.

Compared to Indonesia’s underwater wonders, Mergui is not a world-class diving destination. The shallow waters stretching over the atolls for about 100 miles off the mainland experience small tidal fluctuations and are subject to suspended particles and poor visibility. The turquoise waters are great for snorkelers or casual divers to observe manta rays, reef sharks, ribbon eels, and nurse sharks.

Secluded Sightseeing

Mergui is drastically different from a more populated destination. Any of the natural wonders in the archipelago are likely to be deserted upon arrival, which is a stark contrast from the popular white sand beaches in neighboring Thailand.

Explore the mangroves by speedboat or find the tiny entrance in a rock that leads to Cock Comb, a stunningly beautiful natural lagoon that can’t be seen from the outside of the island. Experience sunrise at MT-60, a beach that could easily be a movie set for the next Pirates of the Caribbean.

Visiting villages feels like time travel as they’re still largely un touched by development or tourists. The locals are used to foreigners from the past 15-20 years of development projects focusing on basic issues such as healthcare and waste management programs.

The Ranong – Kawthaung Border Town

Charter clients can fly into Phuket’s international airport, from which it’s about a four-hour drive to Ranong, on the border of Myanmar.

Kawthaung is Myanmar’s southernmost town where Burmese immigration officers will finalize all necessary stamps before setting sail for the archipelago. A Burmese guide will be onboard for the duration of the charter.

Yacht Charters in Mergui, Myanmar

To discuss planning a private yacht charter in Mergui, Myanmar, please get in touch and we will gladly design a custom adventure according to your preferences paired with the most suitable yacht.

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