Travel Tips for yacht charters in Indonesia

How to get to your yacht charter:

Bali’s international airport is easily accessible from major hubs in Asia and Europe. Labuan Bajo is the gateway to Komodo and is just an hour flight from Bali. Sorong is the gateway to Raja Ampat and is most easily accessed via a four hour flight from Jakarta or an overnight from Bali via Makassar. We are always happy to make flight recommendations, so please ask if we can help.

The best time of year to go:

Indonesia is located on the equator so we have great weather year round. The seasons follow the calmest sea conditions and where we can expect the most sunshine. Generally April to September is ideal for between Bali and Komodo and October to March is ideal for Raja Ampat.

What to bring:

Sun screen, after sun lotion, sunglasses and a hat. Scuba Diving license & logbook (if you have one). Flip Flops and closed shoes or sneakers for island trekking. A long sleeve shirt and perhaps a light jacket. Passport. Any medication (if necessary). Cigarettes (your favorite brand may not be available in some of the areas we cruise).

Cell phone usage in remote parts of Indonesia:

Remote islands generally receive little if any cell reception. In areas such as Komodo, Rinca and Padar, the cellular signal is usable for 3 and 4G. In Raja Ampat, signal is available near most villages. We can arrange an Indonesian SIM Card ‘Telkomsel’ with calling credit and 4G Internet package with ‘hot spot’ abilities if you’d like to avoid roaming fees and are going on a yacht that does not offer satellite Internet. Please ask us in advance to arrange should this be required.

Travel Insurance:

Most yachts require guests to have travel insurance with a medical evacuation component. DAN (Diver’s Alert Network) offers comprehensive coverage for medical services and emergency evacuations. For US residents we recommend Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance (


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