5 Ways Indo Yachts
Charters Are Different

5 Ways Indo Yachts
Charters Are Different

by Indo Yachts
26 April 2018

5 Ways Indo Yachts
Charters Are Different

"How is chartering a yacht in Indonesia different from the Mediterranean or Caribbean?"

Discover a New World

Indonesia is one of the most fascinating countries on the planet. It’s located within the Coral Triangle, an area of abundant marine life and diversity, where local cultures and customs are almost as varied as the 17,000 islands that comprise this nation. The beautiful archipelagos make for unforgettable charters – but how does a charter in Indonesia compare with sailing in the Mediterranean or Caribbean?

We are also familiar with the charter markets in the well-established cruising waters of the Mediterranean and Caribbean. We know that there are some significant differences that set Indonesia apart from the rest of the world when it comes to a charter destination, and that make it all the more special: the yachts are very different, the destinations you sail to are incomparable, the value is outstanding, the exceptional crews are integral to your experience, and the activities offered will blow you away.

Luxury superyacht Rascal sailing in Raja Ampat
Wayag's natural beauty in Raja Ampat is a sight to behold.

1. The Yachts

There is literally a sea of yachts to choose from if you charter a boat in the Mediterranean or Caribbean. Most of them are white and made by well-known brands, and the range of offerings caters to different budgets. New yachts become available for charter each year and there are often multiple vessels of the same model on offer, which removes a lot of the guesswork about the yacht itself. In Indonesia, however, every yacht has its own character and style: no two are alike. Most of the yachts in our fleet have been custom built from ironwood and teak (if you love wooden boats you’re in for a treat!); they are charming, tasteful and immaculately finished.
A crew member walking past a fine dinner setup on the expansive foredeck of Dunia Baru during sunset
Most of the yachts in our fleet have been custom built from ironwood and teak

Indonesia’s wooden yachts tend to be much larger than the white boats on offer at a similar price point in the more developed markets. For example, you can charter an 80-foot yacht in the Mediterranean for around $100K per week including expenses while in Indonesia, for the same price, you can expect a 160-footer with seven cabins, a crew of 20 and huge, open spaces on deck.

Only yachts flagged in Indonesia can be chartered here; this limits the fleet to choose from and for reasons of safety and service consistency, we have chosen to work only with those in the top tier. Indo Yachts maintains a fleet of 24 of the finest yachts in Indonesia – quite small when you compare us with what’s on offer in the Med and the Caribbean – but we know each yacht well and can help our clients choose one that best suits their style and budget.


2. The Destinations

While on a charter in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, you’ll likely board your yacht at a chic port town. During the day you’ll anchor in beautiful coves shared with other boats and in the evenings you’ll probably stop at another marina, where you’ll have the chance to get dressed up and go out for a night on the town. Socializing and seeing other boats and people is part of the appeal, and the experience.

Chartering a yacht in Indonesia is far wilder than the Caribbean and Mediterranean – but not in terms of the social scene.

Dunia Baru sailing into a bay in Raja Ampat during sunset
An anchorage in Raja Ampat.

Here, there are no glamorous port towns to explore, nor are there chic marinas bustling with boutiques and restaurants. Instead, what Indonesia has in abundance are vast, remote cruising grounds where the islands have been virtually untouched by people. At night you will anchor at secluded moorings in blissful natural settings and during the day you will have the chance to see wildlife and marine life you’ve only read about in National Geographic.

While the cruising waters of the Mediterranean can be quite crowded, in Indonesia you have the luxury of space – and it’s unlikely you’ll see another charter boat during your trip. (Imagine being in France, and having the entire country to yourself... that’s what it’s like when you sail to parts of Raja Ampat.) In Indonesia you’ll have an unrivaled sense of adventure while exploring the nation’s archipelagoes, and feel a deep sense of privacy as you take in a vast, unspoiled region that’s larger enough several European countries combined. Indonesia’s archipelagos might feel remote, but we guarantee that on your yacht you will feel experience a sense of peace and luxury that is unrivalled.

A tropical island lit by golden hour light
A deserted island in Raja Ampat.

3. Pricing & Inclusions

With charters in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, the APA system can make the bottom line quite difficult to determine. Often only the cost of the yacht is included in the quoted price, and you’ll need to pay extra for food, fuel, tips for the crew – and so the cost of your charter is often unknown until the end, when it’s time to settle the bill. In Indonesia, we keep it simple. Once you’re onboard everything’s already taken care of and you don’t pay for anything extra – fuel is included the price for 50nm per day, as well as harbor fees, all meals and activities. The only variable cost is generally alcohol, but even that is included on some of the yachts. After experiencing the phenomenal, genuine hospitality of the crew you might choose to leave an additional tip, but this is at your discretion.
Once you’re onboard everything’s already taken care of

4. Crews

People who’ve experienced a number of yacht charters often say they would rather sacrifice the quality of the vessel in favor of a better crew, as it is the crew that truly make the charter experience special experiences. At Indo Yachts we are very proud of the levels of service that our professional crews offer, and you will find that crews in Indonesia differ from other places in a number of ways. While a typical crew aboard a 100-foot charter yacht in the Mediterranean or Caribbean might be four or five people, in Indonesia a comparatively priced vessel can have a crew as large as 20. Having a crew this size means that you’ll feel pampered rather than crowded. We maintain a larger crew so that they can do more for you: the decks are cleaned three times a day, for example; each tender has its own pilot who will take you on excursions; housekeeping staff see to all of the cabins; the hospitality crew make sure that you are always comfortable.
Having a crew this size means that you’ll feel pampered rather than crowded
"We maintain a larger crew so that they can do more for you"
On a charter in the Med or Caribbean you will interact mostly with the captain, whose job it is to pilot the vessel as well as manage the crew and the charter. Because we work with larger crews and vessels, we believe that a guest’s experience is enhanced when these jobs are performed separately, so the captain deals only with the boat and permits while the cruise director handles guest relations and activities. Working this way ensures that we offer guests a higher level of service. Our crews become an integral part of guests’ Indonesia experience. This country comprises thousands of islands, almost every one with its own culture and traditions (and, often, language) – and the genuine hospitality you’ll receive when you visit these islands is humbling. Visiting these islands with crew members who are from these archipelagos takes the experience to the next level, and will give you a very special perspective on the region. Crews in Indonesia stay together a long time and become like families. Our guests repeatedly mention that the best part of the charter was the crew – and we invite you to become a part of our close-knit family while you take in the vast beauty of this region.
Our crews serving the best

5. Activities

Activities on yachts chartered in the Med and Caribbean often tend to center on technology, gadgets and water toys, as well as socializing and entertainment in the chic port towns and marinas. In Indonesia, the only beach club you’ll go to is the private one your crew could set up on a deserted stretch of beach – one that would rival the cover of any issue of Best Beaches of the World – complete with lounge chairs, a full bar, fire pit and speakers; and instead of eating at a trendy restaurant you could enjoy a barbecue on a secluded beach in the evenings. Indo Yachts’ vessels are very well equipped and have excellent entertainment systems onboard, but because of the space and peace that a charter in Indonesia affords, it’s the archipelagoes that become our guests’ own private playgrounds.
Beautiful sunset dining set up
There is fascinating wildlife on many of the islands; unique cultures and villages to visit. Here, there is an abundance of marine life to enjoy as you snorkel or dive in warm water; you can surf, kayak, wakeboard or go kiteboarding to your heart’s content, without ever worrying about running into anyone else; you could relax on deck and not worry about prying eyes or drones; you’re likely to have an expanse of pristine beach all to yourself...and that really is something special.
Village visits in Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara
Indonesia offers the chance for you to explore beaches that will rival the best of the Caribbean, and rainforests as diverse as the Amazon. See first-hand the diverse flora and fauna of the Indonesian archipelago and be amazed by the vast underwater world as you snorkel in our crystal-clear waters. A charter on one of Indo Yachts’ luxurious boats allows you to enjoy all that the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean offers, in superlative levels of comfort while tended by a crew of up to 20. You’ll be all alone, visiting destinations so breathtaking and immaculate, you’ll feel like an explorer discovering the New World.
Kayaking in Indonesia pristine waters

So come aboard! Experience the ultimate high-end and adventure of your dreams in exotic Indonesia, and make memories you’ll remember for a lifetime.

For more information or to discuss planning your dream charter in Indonesia, please contact us at: info@indoyachts.com or +62 811 88 22 82 by phone or Whatsapp. We look forward to hearing from you.


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