The Majesty of Mutiara Laut

The Majesty of Mutiara Laut

by Indo Yachts
3 November 2017

The Majesty of Mutiara Laut

"Mutiara Laut sails the sapphire waters of Indonesia’s far-reaching archipelago."

Pearl of the Sea

When you envision your dream charter experience, what does it entail? For us, charters mean carved out time to relax with family and friends seasoned with a little adventure. Memories of charters in the Indonesian islands recall the feeling of carelessness, enjoying good food, and the alternating sensations of warm sun and refreshing sea. For us, a charter is all about the freedom to do what you want, when you want, with the people you love. Those are the memories we cherish. In the backdrop, we see a beautifully crafted ship in a magnificent setting.

Mutiara Laut, which means ‘Pearl of the Sea’, is a truly special yacht. As a 46-meter, classically styled schooner, her silhouette recalls romantic oceanic adventures of days gone by. Stepping aboard, it’s easy to give way to seafaring fantasies of circumnavigating the globe. She has the size, charm and sails to travel the seven seas in perpetuity.

Built from precious ironwood and teak from the jungles of Kalimantan, Mutiara Laut sails the sapphire waters of Indonesia’s far-reaching archipelago. She is at home in the most remote of regions, where the only other life lies below the surface or in the canopy of the trees. The few interspersed villages in these regions have been immune to the passage of time, still living as they have for hundreds of years. Much like Mutiara Laut herself, the regions where she sails are firmly rooted in the past.

Mutiara Laut was built with the intention of infusing her guests with the sense of adventure at sea. She is the ideal vessel for those who dream of discovering the world’s natural wonders and have the spirit to embark on voyages beyond the reach of traditional travel.

Side view of Mutiara Laut
Her silhouette recalls romantic oceanic adventures of days gone by

The Man Behind the Yacht

The story behind Mutiara Laut builds upon the life and experience of a remarkable man. Leendert Philippus Van Oostenbrugg, or Leo for short, was an accomplished Dutch yacht captain and shipyard owner. For his life’s final masterpiece, he combined his immense passion for sailing with his love for the Indonesian islands, resulting in Mutiara Laut.

Many of us are on a lifelong mission to find happiness. Leo derived his purpose in life from the sea. Spending his younger years as a yacht captain, he sailed the globe six times over, gathering the necessary experience aboard yachts he would use later in life. Following his love for sailing, he set up a shipyard in Holland. After a successful career at the helm of his company building yachts for other people, Leo felt the inclination to retire abroad on the paradise island of Bali.

On a sailing trip as a newly retired resident of Indonesia, Leo was touched by the romance of the far away islands. He realized he wasn’t ready to live a quiet life and set his heart on building a ‘phinisi’, a traditional Indonesian wooden schooner. However, his design would be infused with western influences from his own life and travels.

Over the course of three years, Leo oversaw the construction of a custom ironwood hull from Kalimantan paired with his own vision based on a life of sailing and building yachts in Europe. Leo dreamt of Mutiara Laut sailing to the islands far away from the chaos of daily life, where guests could feel a connection with nature and, ultimately, themselves. Indonesian master craftsmen made his dream into a reality and over time, Mutiara Laut was born.

The ambitious design modelled Mutiara Laut after a classic schooner influenced by traditional Indonesian sailing ships and fitted with unmatched amenities and comfort for long-range cruising. Upon completion, Mutiara Laut was a yacht unlike had ever been seen in Indonesia. Leo had succeeded at turning his vision into a reality – a goal to which so many aspire but so few attain.

The first time Leo saw Mutiara Laut sail was an emotional moment as it marked the completion of his vision. Her sails full of wind, gracefully cutting through the water in the islands where she is from is truly a sight to behold. Sadly, Leo passed away two weeks later. For anyone who sees her sails up, it is clear that Leo’s memory lives on beautifully in his crowning achievement.

Aerial view of Mutiara Laut
For his life’s final masterpiece, Leo combined his immense passion for sailing with his love for the Indonesian islands, resulting in Mutiara Laut.
"Mutiara Laut was a yacht unlike had ever been seen in Indonesia."

The Indonesian Crew

Complementing her timeless style and good looks, Mutiara Laut’s inner strength stems from her dedicated crew. A charter with an earnest crew providing warm, authentic hospitality can make the difference between a merely successful charter and falling in love with sailing in Indonesia. The crew work seamlessly together, and most have been on board since Mutiara Laut was launched. Even for those with storied careers in Indonesia’s maritime industry, a position aboard Mutiara Laut is a coveted achievement.

On deck, Mutiara Laut’s industrious crew brandish smiles that build a positive atmosphere throughout the day’s activities. Their dedication to their team and guests comes from a place of sincerity. Even the captain washes the deck. For anyone interested, the crew are happy to share how each one of them came to work on board. As much as their work ethic shines, their sense of humor and camaraderie binds the group together.

Cruise director Arie is a treasure trove of information. With over 20 years experience guiding groups on charters throughout Indonesia, his personal relationships and firsthand knowledge of the most remote regions are irreplaceable. Arie’s contacts with the Asmat people and knowledge of less-traveled regions from the Forgotten Islands to his home on the outskirts of Komodo can make otherwise impossible charters a reality. No stranger to the changing requirements of charter guests onboard, Arie is accustomed to amending itineraries to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Awarded ‘Best Guide’ in 2015, Arie’s pleasant disposition and fluent French and English make his presence an irreplaceable part of the experience.

Captain Andi has been with Mutiara Laut since she first launched. Hailing from South Sulawesi, Andi descends from a long line of Bugis tribesmen renowned throughout Indonesia for their maritime skills as navigators and shipwrights. Andi’s intricate knowledge of the islands and moorings in hidden bays along with a lifetime of sailing experience ensures that guests aboard Mutiara Laut make the most of their experience.

First Mate Edi comes from the Spice Islands, where Mutiara Laut will cruise when transitioning between Raja Ampat and Komodo. Edi is known for his eagerness to climb the masts when hoisting the sails with surprising agility. He’s a supremely skilled tender pilot and is known to enjoy a good sunset from the top deck.

Chief Officer Anis is from Lembata, the birthplace of whale hunting hundreds of years ago. He has the widest smile on board and can frequently be heard playing guitar and singing to the delight of guests.

Chefs Ali and Ujang team up in the galley to serve three full meals a day plus snacks. They combine their knowledge of Asian and international cuisine to cater to a broad variety of palates.

Mutiara Laut’s crew is a family at sea. When onboard, it is easy to feel welcomed into this special group. Their dedication comes from the genuine desire to ensure everything is top-rate for the guests. Exploring the islands on such an exceptional yacht requires a crew to match, and Mutiara Laut’s team answers to the challenge.

Group of Indonesians from Mutiara Laut's yacht crew smiling and posing for a photograph
The crew's dedication comes from the genuine desire to ensure everything is top-rate for all guests on board.

Exploring Ancient Lands

It’s easy to feel like a pioneer sailing through secluded bays and hidden lagoons with no other boats or villages in sight. Mutiara Laut’s team excels at venturing into the less-inhabited reaches of the archipelago, where tourism has yet to make its mark.

Mutiara Laut primarily balances her time following favorable weather between Raja Ampat and the Komodo Islands, and is available for charter in the surrounding regions. Indonesia’s islands could not be more ideal for charters offering endless uninhabited islands to explore, bountiful marine life, and breathtaking topography that changes throughout the islands.

Mutiara Laut offers guests a range of activities to enjoy on the water from paddleboarding to water skiing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The masseuse is on-call to relax and rejuvenate guests at any time of day.

For the more adventurous, Mutiara Laut is known for itineraries venturing into rarely visited regions for land-based excursions to villages for unique cultural displays and dances.

Luxury superyacht Mutiara Laut anchored at Raja Ampat
Enchanting Mutiara Laut exploring islands.
"Indonesia’s islands could not be more ideal for charters offering endless uninhabited islands to explore."

For Unique Charter Experiences

Mutiara Laut combines a distinguished vessel, an amazing array of activities and excursions, and a crew that feels like family amid breathtaking surroundings. This was Leo’s dream and it lives on today.

Cruises aboard Mutiara Laut are for careless days in the islands, sailing through remote lands where one can feel like an explorer in a different time. It could be claimed that her mission is to facilitate guests getting in touch with themselves, so they may be inspired to pursue their dreams and ambitions. From her deck, anchored at the edge of the rainforest in far-away lands, it is easy to let one’s imagination run wild and gain a new perspective on life.

If one is looking for a unique, genuine, quintessentially Indonesian sailing experience, few regions in the world can lay claim to such unsurpassed natural splendor as the areas Mutiara Laut calls home. For building lasting memories with loved ones, Mutiara Laut is a dream charter far away from the chaotic modern world.

For more information or to discuss planning your dream charter on Mutiara Laut, please contact us at: or +62 811 88 22 82 by phone or Whatsapp. We look forward to hearing from you.


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